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Biohacking Your Genome - Make Your Own Antioxidants

In this free informative class you will learn about Nrf2 activation and a scientifically proven way of reducing oxidative stress and enhancing your cells' ability to produce your own antioxidants. Also, by activating the Nrf1 pathway, we can produce and increase the health of our mitochondria. Another important component of wellness is gut health, which we can optimize to improve our overall immune response.

Biohacking is a way you can take control of your own biology. Nutrigenomics is a groundbreaking new science which studies how nutrients and natural compounds affect our genes. This is how we can support cognitive health and promote healthy aging on a cellular level.

Some topics that will be discussed include:

  • Staying on top of the aging process
  • Optimizing mental clarity and cognitive performance
  • Strategies to reset your metabolism
  • Reducing the risk of neurodegenerative disease
  • Increasing quality of health and longevity

Join us for an informational overview of one biohackers' approach. Our presenter is Amanda Brooks, PA, who will share her insights and some actions you can take today to start biohacking your biology for better health.

"I have always been interested in the well being of others which is why I decided to attend school to become a Physician Assistant. I was trained by the medical model and strictly adhered to it until about four years ago when I removed my blinders and began delving into other modes of healing. I think that I am unique because I am able to integrate modern and alternative medicine into something that works for myself and others.

We all have a human body and it is my goal to help everyone maximize their health. Life is amazing, but in order to truly enjoy it, one must be healthy. While I love working in the face paced environment of the Emergency Department, I also really love the difference I am making at my Wellness Center."

 -Amanda Brooks PA, Owner Inner Greatness Center, Bangor, Maine

For more information about biohacking:


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