Fried Heirloom Tomatoes

Tomato season has arrived! Heirloom tomato season that is. So many shapes, sizes and colors and even more ways to consume them. And no, it's not in your head, they really do taste better.  

But how to marry that favorite Southern recipe based on unripe tomatoes with a variety that, by their very nature, are juicy and soft?

To start, you'll need to pick out the firmest tomatoes in the bunch. Cut into 1/4" - 1/2" slices and lay them between paper towel to dry a bit. 

Heat as much extra virgin olive oil (or your preferred substitute) as would allow the tomatoes to be halfway submerged when frying. 

Next set up your breading station with flour in the first bowl, a beaten egg in the second and your choice of coating in the third.

The crispy coating is a matter of taste. Traditionally, Fried Green Tomatoes are dredged in a mixture of cornmeal and breadcrumbs. After a few attempts, we opted for a mixture of Panko breadcrumbs and freshly grated Parmesan. For vegans omit Parmesan and substitute egg wash with either soy milk or melted vegan butter.

To cook, salt and pepper each tomato slice and then follow along your breading station submerging first in the flour and then in the egg followed by your coating. Gently lay each tomato into the hot oil and fry until crispy and golden - a couple of minutes on each side. Serve hot and enjoy!